video inspector

Do you have to search through huge amounts of video footage for your investigation?

Scyron`s time saving technology software “Video Inspector“ takes away the time an effort required to view, analyse and produce evidence captured from video footage.

If you are a single user with the requirement to analyse CCTV video footage on a ah-hoc basis, or a large team who needs to analyse 100's of CCTV DVD's per week, our scalable solution is the only one you need.


Officers can use “Video Inspector” to search a particular area in the scene of a video.  

You can search for:

  • People
  • Vehicles
  • Any objects of interest

Matches using “Video Inspector” filters appear on the timeline at the bottom of the screen, where the officer can quickly jump to the point of interest.  From the initial analysis of a 24 hour video, search filters are applied, and results delivered within 10 seconds.

Recommended uses for video inspector

The perfect solution for intelligently analysing digital video evidence captured during overt and covert surveillance operations as well as digital footage from public and private CCTV systems.

Who uses video inspector

  • Surveillance Teams
  • Technical Support Units
  • Major Investigation Units
  • Counter Terrorism Units
  • Special Branch
  • Ovation Afterburner Users

Existing Customer?
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Scyron offers 3 solution levels depending on your requirements.

Light Use

Light Workload

customers who have the occasional footage to be analysed

Medium Use Medium workload  customers who have several days of footage that needs to be analysed
Heavy Use Heavy Workload  customers who have large scale operations, where they need multiple users to be able to view and analyse at the same time, and share information between team members

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