Video Masking

Do you have objects or people in your video that you need to hide or enhance?

We can take and process your video and give you back your footage with all the masks or enhancements applied.

We can apply the following mask types: Solid, Pixilate, Blur, Speckled, Transparent, Outline, Enhance, Background Monochrome, Background Dimmed.

We can also apply a number of audio filters such as Beep, Garbled, Silent etc. to obscure the identity of any audio in your footage.

Send your footage to us, along with a detailed description of what people, objects etc. that require masking, highlighting etc. and we will do the transformation of your footage and return back your original footage along with a copy of the footage with the required masking feature applied.

sample of video masking

How Long Does it Take?

The parameters that define the time required are:

How long the footage is
How detailed your instructions are
How many different objects that need to be worked on.

How to Order a Masking Service

Contact us and let us know what your requirements are. We can then advise you on the best course of action, let you know the price and answer any other questions you may have.

If the video needs converting prior to masking, why not check out our VIDEO CONVERSION SERVICE.

You can send your package to us or we can arrange for collection.

We can provide details regarding the best and most secure way to get your parcel to us, fully tracked, insured and hand delivered via UPS, DHL or Home Delivery Network.

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