Video Conversion

Scyron has an expert team available to apply their vast range of experience in the conversion of one video type to another.  We undertake to take your original footage and convert it to a format you can use on your computer.

Video supplied by you:

video conversion explained

We can transfer all types of video files gathered from all types of sources, CCTV, mobile phones, Digital Video Recorders etc. using both standard and propriety methods.

You can send your video hardware or transfer medium to us and we will convert your footage to a format that you can use on your computer or supply it on a DVD that will play in your DVD player.

All key formats are supported.

How to Order and Convert your Videos

Contact Scyron and let us know what you have. We can then advise you on the best course of action, let you know the price and answer any other questions you may have. We operate a “No conversion, no fee” policy.

You can send your package to us or we can arrange for collection.

We can provide details regarding the best and most secure way to get your parcel to us, fully tracked, insured and hand delivered via UPS, DHL or Home Delivery Network.

AV Conversion - How Long Does it Take?

As a general rule of thumb, a couple of VHS tapes take a couple of days, small orders of around 10 tapes take about a week. The exact amount of time depends on the number of tapes and how busy we are so best bet is to get in touch and we can give you an accurate estimate.

In a rush?

If you are in a rush, and need something ASAP, get in touch and I am sure we can help out.

Large Orders

The job can be time intensive and if you have a thousand hours of video it is going to take a thousand hours of video capture to get them on our machines before we can start processing them.

That said, we have a large array of workstations and if you have a larger job we can run it on multiple machines. Using the 1000 hour example above if we were to run this on 5 machines it would come down to 200 hours or 5 weeks.

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