Rent the Expert

If you don’t have the budget, time or manpower to invest in the purchase of a Scyron solution, then next best thing is “rent the expert” solution.

What is “Rent the Expert?”

For a fixed fee, you can utilise the Scyron team’s vast experience and tool set to quickly and expertly manage your video footage problems to conclusion.

This could be a requirement to mask / highlight someone or something in a crowd, to converting yourfootage that you are unable to work on with your own equipment.


No training costs or time away from your post to attend training. This also eliminates the learningcurve.

Keep your front line staff on the front line and just supply simple instructions of your requirements to the Scyron team for processing. Scyron perform all the processing and provide you with the end results, saving you time and money.

Scyron has the skills and resources to do the job for you, which saves you time and money.


  • Searching long footage for objects of interest and producing DVD of your triggers
  • Masking out objects or people in your footage and producing a DVD of your masked footage
  • Extracting / converting your propriety video player footage to AVI files
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