Video Management Starter Pack

The complete management solution to manage your footage...

The Video Management Starter Pack contains a complete suite of software that enables the user to import, manage and present digital video footage. The starter edition versions function from a single fully configured Scyron Approved Workstation allowing the end user to retain the capabilities of the fully integrated networked systems but at much lower cost and with the possibility of upgrading as requirements grow.

The wizard driven Body Worn Video and Volume Crime products allow non-specialist users to achieve professional results without having to get involved in the technical aspects of video processing, producing the best possible quality output in a fraction of the time.


multimedia manager starter edition

  • Eases management of large repositories of complex digital evidence
  • Saves time and effort by managing the process while you work
  • Create annotations, Edit Video and Timeline bookmarks etc.
  • Common explorer interface
  • One-Click compatibility with the other products

body worn video starter edition

  • Manage footage from a large range of Body Worn Video devices
  • Simple wizard-driven interface for non-specialist users
  • Allows self-management of evidence by front line officers
  • Maintains searchable repository of footage and outputs DVD format
  • Compatible with Multimedia Manager body worn video starter edition

volume crime starter edition

  • Produce DVD Video from a large range of proprietary CCTV systems***
  • Saves time and effort by managing the process while you work
  • Simple wizard-driven interface for non-specialist users
  • Create annotations, bookmarks and stills from footage as easy as 123
  • Compatible with Multimedia Manager volume crime starter edition

media presenter starter edition

  • Present complex digital evidence with ease in court or briefings
  • One click presentation generation direct from Multimedia manager
  • Simple navigation of video / audio bookmarks, image annotations etc.
  • Supports presenting of Computer documents and Websites
  • Allows presentations to be edited on-the-go media presenter starter edition

video utility

  • Simple tool to allow you to import and export standard DVD video
  • Converts DVD to a more convenient editable format and vice-versa
  • Free up your time by working unattended
  • Ensures that video streams can be viewed in a standard DVD player
  • Compatible with Multimedia Manager video utility

Fully Configured Scyron Approved Workstation **(desktop or laptop)

* Unless otherwise stated starter editions versions lack network functionality and are limited one workstation, however the data created is fully compatible and can be used with the Workgroup and Enterprise versions
** Workstation consists of fully configured base-unit only, keyboard and mouse available at extra cost.
*** Analogue capabilities require optional analogue pack at extra cost

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