Video Analysis Starter Pack

The complete solution to analyse and process your video footage…

The Video Analysis Starter Pack software can be used with the Video Management Starter Pack or on its own or with any other existing video processing facilities you may have.

The pack offers considerable functionality from the Scyron analysis and processing tools allowing the end user to retain the capabilities of the fully integrated networked systems but at much lower cost.


video inspector starter edition

  • Automatically searches video such as CCTV for user defined events
  • Drastically saves time by avoiding having to manually watch video 
  • Supports Ovation Afterburner and any Unencrypted DVD video
  • Prevents mistakes by ensuring the entire video is tirelessly watched 
  • Exports specific events in the source video to DVD video


  • Allows a user to mask-out (pixelate) or enhance areas of video
  • Dramatic time savings by auto-tracking masked object positions 
  • Avoids frame-by-frame intervention for the users 
  • Easiest and fastest way to comply with data protection rules
  • Preserves original footage integrity

smart extractor

  • Purpose built for extracting video from custom CCTV players 
  • Can be trained to use 99% of Computer Based CCTV players 
  • Ensures pixel for pixel and frame by frame capture100% compatible with all Scyron video products 
  • Saves time - unattended once the process is started


  • Captures video from analogue sources and saves them as digital video 
  • Very simple to use, select source – press record 
  • Outputs in standard video format that can be used with all Scyron video products
  • Supports Canopus AVC300 for handling poor quality VHS video*

video utility

  • Simple tool to allow you to import and export standard DVD video
  • Converts DVD to a more convenient editable format and vice-versa
  • Free up your time by working unattended
  • Ensures that video streams can be viewed in a standard DVD player
  • Compatible with Multimedia manager

Fully Configured Scyron Approved Workstation **(desktop or laptop)

* Canopus AVC300 is sold separately

** Workstation consists of fully configured base-unit only, keyboard and mouse available at extra cost

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