Key Features
  • Extracts video from 95% of propriety DVR players
  • Your choice of Windows standard video format
  • Extract a single image to file
  • Capture every pixel and frame
  • No loss of resolution

Smart Extractor

A standard evidence quality video format from multiple digital video recorders...

A single view of digital video

Now that digital video has become more acceptable for surveillance operations and CCTV capture, the problems involved in propriety and incompatible digital formats grow. 

An investigation could potentially involve hundreds of video sources – none of which can be played and analysed together.

At the vital early stage of investigations, the inability to properly review the video footage could prove critical.

Drag and drop interface

smart extractor uses a unique drag and drop tool to quickly and easily extract video footage from your propriety DVR player and convert it to windows standard video format file. This format is immediately viewable in standard Windows based applications, such as those used to post process video for masking or presentation in court. The footage can then be automatically analysed, using an intelligent package such as video inspector.

Output to standard windows format

More importantly, the digital conversion happens with absolutely no loss of image quality or resolution. It can be output to standard Windows video formats for further processing including presentation in court. It also provides an ideal format for the storage of digital evidence post-trial.

Product Information
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