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video inspector - Video Inspector takes away the time an effort required to view, analyse and produce evidence captured from video footage.  Matches using Video Inspector filters appear on the timeline at the bottom of the screen, where the officer can quickly jump to the point of interest. The Video Inspector Plus Pack adds to the powerful features of Video Inspector. To improve the process of analysing video, we discovered that there were 2 main areas that slowed down the process significantly, so Scyron have produced two applications to help with this.


mask - Mask is our new and easy to use tool that requires almost no operator training. Its intuitive interface means that, in as little as 15 minutes, you can quickly begin to camouflage and mask everything from people`s faces to voices and background noises. The software automates camouflaging no matter how complex the track a person takes.

mosaic - replaced by MASK


media presenter - Media presenter allows you to automatically compile any number of sources (video, audio, computer files and animations) into a single seamless presentation. Especially suited for a courtroom presentation and custody suites, media presenter is equally at home in the corporate boardroom.


smart extractor -Takes control of the proprietary DVR player software and converts the recording to evidence quality standard format with no missing or duplicated frames.

vhs2avi - VHS2AVI is a solution that allows you to direct connect to your NTSC or PAL analogue device, and it’s as simple as navigating to the footage you require, click play, and click record on the software, and at the end you have a useable AVI file.

UTILITIES (Included with all software releases)

video utils - Simple tool allowing the user to import and export standard DVD video. Converts DVD to a more convenient editable format and vice-versa Free up your time by working unattended Ensures that video streams can be viewed in a standard DVD player Compatible with Multimedia manager.


video management starter pack
 - The Video Management Starter Pack contains a complete suite of software that enables the user to import, manage and present digital video footage. The starter edition versions function from a single fully configured Scyron Approved Workstation allowing the end user to retain the capabilities of the fully integrated networked systems but at much lower cost and with the possibility of upgrading as requirements grow.


video analysis starter pack - 
The Video Analysis Starter Pack software can be used with the Video Management Starter Pack or on its own or with any other existing video processing facilities you may have.  The pack offers considerable functionality from the Scyron analysis and processing tools allowing the end user to retain the capabilities of the fully integrated networked systems but at much lower cost.

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