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Key Features
  • WYSIWYG interface
  • Native support for most video file types
  • Native support for TimeSpace videos
  • Native support for still image files (JPG, BMP, PNG etc.)
  • People, objects and backgrounds can be simultaneously masked
  • Annotation and enhancement of images
  • PAL / NTSC support


The easiest way to make your video footage SAFE and LEGAL

With data protection requests on the increase, CCTV operators need to obscure objects, individuals or areas on the screen so they can release the footage to the public.

With mask, you can be sure that your finished video is 100% safe and legal. 

How many times have you been recorded on CCTV?

The media has reported that we could be captured on CCTV up to around 300 times per day in certain parts of the country. With 1.85 million CCTV cameras and counting, it's not that hard to believe. 

What is mask?

mask will enable you to quickly apply video masks such as pixelate, blur, solid etc. to your video files to highlight or hide objects within the video. You can also apply a mask such as pixelate, blur etc. to a still image such as a JPEG, BMP, PNG file.

Who needs mask?

If you have to comply with supplying any captured video such as CCTV, and supply clips to anyone who makes a data protection requests and freedom of information requests of video on which they have been recorded.

The product is also used in evidence presentation, where the identity of key witnesses, locations or undercover officers need to be protected. Within a few minutes of using mask, you would be able to easily apply a mask such as pixelate for example, to protect the identity of an object or person in the video, allowing it to be viewable by anyone, and protecting the objects or persons required.

Whether preparing evidence for court, meeting your data protection obligations or creating sensitive footage for broadcast, the ability to hide, alter or highlight elements within video is vital.

WYSIWYG masking (What You See Is What You Get)

Masking video footage is now instantaneous. From the moment you drag your mask over the object selected, you can see the effect straight away on the main screen. There is no need for previews of creating your finished video to see the results, they are "LIVE". This allows you to concentrate of your choice of effects and tracking, which improves your workflow and saves you time. 

Example of effects that can be applied to your video footage or stills:


"Image courtesy of stockimages /"

Major cost and time saving

Mask delivers significant time, training and cost savings compared to traditional video manipulation packages. Running on a Windows PC, mask handles most popular video formats natively, so no need to spend time converting formats or changing settings. Most video formats work out of the box.


  • The mask software, 
  • A quick start guide to get you up and running in as little as 15 minutes, 
  • 1 day hands-on training course in our Birmingham offices. 
  • 12 months (return to base) hardware warranty, 
  • 12 months support of the software. (email and telephone support)
  • Video Utility - read more
  • Fully Configured Scyron Approved Workstation

    Workstation consists of fully configured base-unit only,
    NOTE: keyboard, mouse and screen available at extra cost.

Product Information
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