Law Enforcement

Combating serious and organised crime requires effective intelligence gathering that allows for the careful targeting of operations. This means that limited resources are more efficiently trained on the individuals or groups suspected.  Key to this process is the quality of the surveillance used to gather information and the ability to rapidly analyse this information to allow for effective decision-making.  In addition to effective intelligence and evidence gathering, surveillance in undercover operations should minimise the risk to operatives in the field. Secure, real-time transmission of video and audio feeds means that the supporting officers and commanders know to move when an arrest is imminent or be able to react quickly if the undercover officer gets into difficulties.

Inteligence-led Policing

  • The rapid deployment of covert monitoring units
  • Remote control of the units to ensure the integrity of the operation
  • Automatic analysis of video footage freeing personnel from hours of tedious viewing
Volume Crime
  • Suspect is arrested
  • CCTV video evidence is quickly converted & stored
  • Video evidence is presented to suspect
  • Conviction is secured, as suspect pleads guilty to offence

Counter Terrorism
  • Deployment of covert monitoring units that can be accessed remotely
  • CCTV footage conversion for analysis
  • Unattended analysis of surveillance video
  • Abandoned package detection
Public Safety
  • Covert monitoring units that can be access remotely
  • Body worn video evidence transfer
  • Mobile phone video evidence transfer
Undercover Operations
  • Covert cameras and audio devices in-car that can be remotely activated to ensure operation integrity
  • Real-time video transmission between undercover and trailing car for rapid response
  • Remote personnel can view video instantly to enhance decision-making
  • Video and audio recording captured in a standard format for ease of analysis and presentation in court.

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