We have very quickly established ourselves as a world leader in intelligent security and surveillance.  Underpinned by our patented technology platform, our suite of services and solutions provides relevant, proactive security solutions that are tailored to your exact requirements.

What We Do

Scyron provides a range of video management solutions for a global market that constantly needs to meet the challenges of processing video ranging from initial capture to presenting the processed video in court to secure convictions.

Our unique products allow our global customer base to meet their video management needs within the entire scope of the video management process:


Our products are specifically designed and targeted to provide easy-2-use, powerful and feature-rich solutions. This simplifies each step to allow our customers to quickly and easily achieve excellent results.  This also allows our customers to concentrate on their core role within their business by not having to become computer experts in order to achieve expert results.

We also provide intelligent security, surveillance, hardware and consultancy service solutions, underpinned by our patented technology platform; we provide relevant, proactive solutions that are tailored to customer’s exact requirements.

Video will pass through a number of stages that may involve conversion to windows format video, automated analysis of lengthy video footage, masking out objects before arriving at the storage, management and presentation stage. Scyron is able to offer products at every stage or a combination to provide an end-to-end solution.

Scyron continues to engage very closely with our customers and markets to maintain our tailor-made approach to our solutions.


  • Video Management Solutions
  • Video Inspector
  • Mask
  • Smart Extractor
  • Smart Recorder
  • Media Presenter
  • Body Worn Video
  • Volume Crime
  • Multimedia Manager
  • Video Management Starter Pack
  • Video Analysis Starter Pack
  • Video Inspector Plus

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